about rise mzansi

We, The People, Shall Govern

RISE Mzansi is building a modern political organisation of patriotic South Africans.

We are organising, mobilising and empowering citizens to build a country where People are free and enabled to pursue happiness and well-being.
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Our Vision for South Africa is of an equal, safe, prosperous and united society where everyone can live a happy and dignified life.

Our Mission

The mission of RISE Mzansi is to mobilise the people, to take up their role as active citizens who will build the South Africa we all deserve.  RISE Mzansi stands for transparency, ownership, and sustainable solutions – and we are dedicated to fight for the needs of all South Africans with integrity, accountability and dignity.


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Our Values

South Africa’s constitution is the central pillar of our values


South Africans fought hard and paid dearly for political freedom. However, freedom is more than the right to vote.

True freedom means being free from all forms of oppression. It also means freedom to pursue happiness and prosperity within a system that is based on a human rights culture.


To us, this value is more than just equality before the law and all public and private institutions.

It is also about having a political and social contract that values equal access to opportunity regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, income or social status.


Democratic leadership is based on trust and a higher sense of public responsibility.

As citizens we must be responsible to one another, to hold each other accountable in building the society we want to live in.


Solidarity is a commitment to be a society that leaves no one behind.  A society that is willing to accept responsibility for the welfare of others.  

To use public resources and institutions to help those who need a hand, to get back on their feet so they can contribute meaningfully to society.


Justice means creating a society that recognises our past, taking active and appropriate steps to ensure that all South Africans have the necessary means to build a meaningful and prosperous life.

Justice is also about fairness, which means recognising the special disadvantages that many South Africans have and taking purposeful steps to ensure that nobody is left behind.

What we stand for

A constitutional democracy, where the constitution is the supreme law.

A government based on the will of the people and elected by the people.

Free, fair and regular elections that are run independently.

South African people enjoying their freedoms without the fear of criminals.

All South Africans having access to quality basic services and opportunities to live a better life.

Public representatives who serve the people and are accountable, ethical and do their duty with care.