RISE Mzansi Policy Documents

In this section, you'll find a comprehensive collection of documents that govern RISE Mzansi's operations, ensure compliance, and promote transparency.
The People's Manifesto
The People’s Manifesto is RISE Mzansi’s commitment to the people of South Africa. The People’s Manifesto is the culmination of listening, consultation, community meetings, policy gatherings and the People’s Convention.
Key Reform Priorities 

Political Reform

RISE Mzansi advocates for comprehensive political reforms to enhance democratic processes, representation, and citizen engagement.

Public Safety

RISE Mzansi prioritizes creating safe communities through effective crime prevention, law enforcement, and social interventions.

Economic Growth, Inclusion, and Justice:

RISE Mzansi seeks to foster sustainable economic growth, ensure inclusivity, and promote economic justice for all South Africans.

Fighting Corruption

RISE Mzansi is dedicated to rooting out corruption at all levels of government and institutions through robust anti-corruption measures and increased accountability.

Climate Crisis

RISE Mzansi addresses the urgent climate crisis by implementing green policies, promoting renewable energy, and advocating for environmental protection.
Peoples Convention: Discussion Documents
Over the past few months our focus has been twofold - to grow our supporter base and to visit as many communities across South Africa as was possible.
These dialogues have not only grown our supporter base but have also provided profound insights into the challenges faced by our communities and also their hopes and dreams.

These invaluable insights have significantly shaped the agenda for the People's Convention, slated for October 6th to 8th, will revolve around six key themes which we believe are at the core of people's well-being and happiness and should be central to our political discourse.
People's Declaration
We the people of South Africa organised under RISE Mzansi declare that we are social democrats with a mission to build the South Africa we deserve in one generation. We stand for a constitutional democracy, where the constitution is the supreme law and the people govern.
We are guided by our values of Freedom, Equality, Justice, Solidarity and Integrity. We are committed to our vision to reset South Africa and build a safe, prosperous, equal, and united society where everyone can live a happy and dignified life.
RISE Mzansi Political Funding Declarations
RISE Mzansi is transparent about about its Political Financing. In accordance with the Political Party Funding Act, we hereby declare our compliance with reporting requirements for donations exceeding R100,000 per year.

This disclosure encompasses donations made to support registered political parties or their candidates. By adhering to these regulations, we uphold transparency in our financial activities, fostering trust and integrity in the democratic process.