Mitchell Black
Head of Research & Policy
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Inspired by the rhythm of life and driven by amplifying good vibes, I am a thought leader who is dedicated to knowing, understanding, and responding to where society finds itself today.

I am a doctoral candidate in philosophy at the University of Pretoria and my focus is on African ways of knowing and being and how they can guide an agenda of systems transformation. My hope is to play a role in creating a more humane society. One that harmonises with the cosmic community and enables a slower, more connected, and more climate-resilient future for all.

Favourite Quote

“Feta kgomo o tshware motho.” - Sotho proverb

Directly translates to: “Pass the ox and hold the person.”

Meaning: If and when one is faced with a decisive choice between [one’s own]wealth and the preservation of the life of another, one should opt to preserve life.

Contributor's articles
Sunday, May 19, 2024

A Tale of Two Water Cultures: Inequality and Injustice in South Africa

South Africa faces stark water inequalities rooted in apartheid legacies and governance failures, requiring community involvement and stewardship for solutions.
Sunday, May 19, 2024

How Our Food System Creates Food-Hunger, and How Rise Mzansi Plans to Fix It

From rising food insecurity to environmental destruction, the current South African food system is full of problems. Chief among which, is its failure to effectively feed our people!
Sunday, May 19, 2024

South African safety troubles more than just a policing issue

SA's safety concerns extend beyond policing; RISE Mzansi advocates for a holistic approach addressing socio-economic factors for lasting change.