ANC’s flirtation with Zanu-PF no different to DA’s call for US elections observers – SA elections are in safe hands

Remarks by
Gugu Ndima
May 9, 2024

IOL published a story indicating that the ANC has reached out to ZanuPF for assistance with its elections campaign. A senior Zanu-PF official stated, “I cannot rule out the fact that we can go and assist if they [the ANC] need assistance from us.” This alliance is troubling, given Zimbabwe's history of rigged elections and political violence. It is shocking yet unsurprising that the ANC, which is losing legitimacy among voters, particularly in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape, and nationally, would seek support from a party with such a controversial background.

RISE Mzansi strongly supports the standard practice of having election observers from both Zimbabwe and the US, but this must be managed by the Electoral Commission (IEC). The IEC has a long history of managing free and fair elections, and RISE Mzansi is confident that the 29 May 2024 elections will be handled with the same integrity. It is crucial to vote out the political establishment, which has brought division, inequality, and unsafe communities, and replace them with new, capable, and ethical leaders. South Africans must choose leaders who will build a safe, prosperous, and united nation within a generation. Download the complete media statement release above.