Bridging the Western Cape Divide: A Plan for a safe, prosperous, equal and united province

Remarks by
Axolile Notywala
April 23, 2024

Axolile Notywala, RISE Mzansi Western Cape Premier Candidate, delivered remarks at the launch of the Bridging the Western Cape Divide plan in Khayelitsha. Notywala thanked supporters for joining the launch, marking one year since the inception of RISE Mzansi. Emphasizing their status as a new political force, Notywala addressed criticisms from the DA, calling them "political mercenaries." He pledged to continue fighting corruption and racism, criticizing the DA's neglect of poorer communities.

Notywala outlined RISE Mzansi's plan to unite the Western Cape through improved security, integrated human settlements, dignified jobs, and accessible education. He urged voters to support new leadership that cares, emphasizing the choice in the upcoming election.

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