Happy Birthday, RISE Mzansi – 1 year of building a political movement and alternative for, by and with the people

Remarks by
Songezo Zibi
April 19, 2024

RISE Mzansi marks its one-year anniversary today, having emerged as a people-centered, grassroots political movement committed to serving communities across South Africa. Since our launch on April 19, 2023, RISE Mzansi has captured the political imagination of South Africans from diverse backgrounds, reflecting the tireless efforts of dedicated individuals who have built a credible and inclusive movement.

Led by the National Leadership Collective (NLC), RISE Mzansi pays tribute to its Organisers, Volunteers, and Supporters who tirelessly organize and mobilize communities every day. Their commitment has been pivotal in our mission to unite South Africans behind a vision of a safe, prosperous, equal, and united society, culminating in upcoming elections on May 29, 2024.

Over the past year, RISE Mzansi has conducted numerous community meetings and events nationwide, including the People’s Convention and the unveiling of the People’s Manifesto. To celebrate our anniversary, we will hold a nationwide RISE Mzansi Weekend of Service, featuring community soup kitchens and cleanup campaigns.

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Issued by: Songezo Zibi, RISE Mzansi National Leader

Media queries: Mabine Seabe, National Communication Director, 084 677 7851