Punish the ANC by voting for RISE Mzansi’s new leaders who have a plan

Remarks by
Gugu Ndima
May 13, 2024

Over the last 15 years, South Africa has faced severe misgovernance under the ANC, marked by rampant corruption, arrogance, and neglect of the people. Hopes were high for President Cyril Ramaphosa to turn things around after nine wasted years under President Jacob Zuma. Unfortunately, under Ramaphosa's leadership, the situation has worsened. Crime rates have surged, safety has deteriorated, and many communities across cities, towns, and villages are left without essential services like water and electricity.

On 29 May 2024, South Africans face a crucial choice: endure ongoing hunger, crisis-level unemployment, and unsafe streets, or vote for RISE Mzansi. Our party is dedicated to addressing food security, creating jobs—especially for those over 35 and single mothers—halving the murder rate, and ensuring access to clean water and quality sanitation. With National and Provincial Elections just 16 days away, this is not a chance for the ANC to redeem itself. Vote RISE Mzansi on all three ballots to build a safe, prosperous, and united South Africa.

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