RISE Mzansi has the greenlight to appear on the National and 9 Provincial ballots

Remarks by
Cilna Steyn
March 7, 2024

RISE Mzansi Completes Candidate Uploads for 2024 Elections

RISE Mzansi has successfully uploaded the profiles of its candidates for Parliament and the 9 Provincial Legislatures ahead of the 8 March 2024 deadline, ensuring its presence on all ballots. This marks the final step in our compliance with the Electoral Commission’s requirements for the National and Provincial Elections on 29 May 2024.

The journey to this milestone was challenging:

On 23 February, RISE Mzansi surpassed the 50,000-signature requirement, uploading over 112,000 signatures.

By 3 March, the RISE Mzansi National Leadership Collective (NLC) finalized all 19 candidate lists, followed by the R750,000 election deposit on 6 March, and completion of candidate profiles on the IEC system.

With these administrative hurdles cleared, RISE Mzansi is set to appear on the ballot. Our focus now shifts to mobilizing South Africans to vote for capable leaders committed to building a safe, prosperous, equal, and united South Africa.

As the 8 March deadline approaches, other parties may miss administrative cutoffs. We emphasize that RISE Mzansi welcomes leaders and supporters aligned with our values of Freedom, Equality, Integrity, Solidarity, and Justice.


Issued by: Cilna Steyn, RISE Mzansi National Deputy Chairperson

For media queries, contact Mabine Seabe, National Communication Director: 084 677 7851

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