RISE Mzansi pledges to uphold the Electoral Code of Conduct

Remarks by
Songezo Zibi
April 4, 2024

RISE Mzansi's National Leader, Songezo Zibi, along with other party leaders, pledged commitment to the Electoral Code of Conduct during its signing ceremony. Emphasizing their dedication to upholding the values of South Africa's Constitution, they affirmed their responsibility to promote democratic principles, social justice, and human rights. The party expressed unwavering support for free and fair elections, condemning political violence and committing to cooperation with authorities and other political entities.

Zibi highlighted the importance of these commitments in ensuring that South Africans exercise their right to choose leaders who will be held accountable. The party's signing of the Code of Conduct reflects their duty and pride in contributing to a democratic society, backed by institutions like the IEC.

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