RISE Mzansi requests for the appointment of a suitably qualified Minister for the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture

Remarks by
Tebogo Moalusi
June 21, 2024

With South Africa having sworn its newly elected President, RISE Mzansi has written a letter

to President Cyril Ramaphosa in anticipation of the announcement of his new Cabinet,

requesting for the appointment of a suitably qualified Minister in the Department of Sports,

Arts and Culture.

After various engagements with different stakeholders, members and artists in the Cultural

and Creative Industry (CCI), have expressed profound concern regarding the current state of

leadership within the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture.

The CCI urgently requests that the President appoints a minister who not only possesses a

profound understanding of the sports, arts, and cultural sectors but also has a proven track

record of effective leadership, management, and a high level of EQ to effectively apply

themselves to the strategic and social complexities of these sectors. The appointed Minister

should have demonstrable experience in policy formulation and implementation,

stakeholder engagement, and a commitment to fostering the growth and sustainability of

these sectors.

Furthermore, to ensure accountability and measurable progress, we demand that within the

first 100 days of the new Minister's appointment, a national convention be convened. This

convention should bring together key stakeholders from across the cultural and creative

industries to develop a comprehensive performance appraisal plan for the minister. This plan

should outline clear objectives and measurable targets aligned with the Cultural and

Creative Industries Masterplan, ensuring that the Minister's performance can be effectively

and transparently assessed and held to account.

The objectives of this performance appraisal plan should include, but not be limited to:

1. Economic Development: A collaborative effort between the departments of Sports

Arts and Culture, Small Business and Trade, Industry and Competition to develop

clear strategies for increasing investment and economic growth within the cultural

and creative industries.

2. Job Creation: Plans for job creation and support for small and medium-sized

enterprises within these sectors.

3. Infrastructure Development: Initiatives to improve and expand infrastructure in

material ways for sports, arts, and cultural activities.

4. Educational Programs: A collaborative effort between the departments of Sports

Arts and Culture, Basic Education and Social Development to develop clear

educational and training programs that create career pathways for creatives and

nurture talent and skills development.

5. Inclusivity and Diversity: Policies to ensure inclusivity and diversity within all

cultural, sports, and arts initiatives across geographical, technological, and economic


6. International Collaboration: Plans to promote non-exploitative international

collaboration and exchange programs to enhance global presence and


Given the economic and social impact potential of the Cultural and Creative Industry, it is

imperative that it receives the support and leadership it deserves. RISE Mzansi, together

with the CCI trusts that this matter will be given the attention it requires and necessary steps

to appoint a suitably qualified Minister who can lead our sports, arts, and cultural sectors

towards a brighter and more prosperous future will be taken.