RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters calls for the immediate disbursement of NSFAS student allowances

Remarks by
Lawrence Manaka
April 11, 2024

RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters are urgently calling for the immediate disbursement of student allowances and new leadership to address the ongoing challenges faced by students nationwide. As the academic year progresses, inefficiencies within NSFAS continue to burden our students, failing to meet their critical financial needs.

Recent protests at South West TVET College's Roodepoort campus and the Department of Higher Education and Training underscore the deep frustration with NSFAS. Fintech companies managing allowances have been criticized for delays and inefficiencies, leaving thousands of students in dire financial straits. Despite the resumption of services on April 1st, the distribution remains inadequate, with reports of only a fraction of students receiving their allowances.

RISE Mzansi calls for swift action and compassion from authorities to ensure timely disbursement of student allowances. A RISE Mzansi government promises to appoint capable, ethical leaders dedicated to ending corruption and ensuring no student is left behind.

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