RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters is calling for new leaders who can address the unique challenges faced by young single mothers

Remarks by
Lawrence Manaka
April 3, 2024

RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters is calling for new leaders to support young single mothers in South Africa, addressing the alarming reality of 9.2 million children growing up without fathers and 44,000 in child-headed households. These statistics underscore the struggles faced by young, single mothers battling poverty and navigating motherhood while still adolescents. They often face disruptions in education, limited healthcare, and childcare options, yet shouldn't be forced to drop out of school due to pregnancy.

To assist these mothers, RISE Mzansi proposes increasing the Child Support Grant and doubling it within two years to combat child poverty and hunger effectively. They also advocate for accessible childcare services, comprehensive sex education, and promoting safe sex practices in communities. RISE envisions a future where single mothers are not just supported but empowered to achieve economic independence through education and policy support.

Download the complete media statement release above to learn more about how RISE Mzansi plans to empower young single mothers and transform communities.