RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters: water shortages jeopardise future of young South Africans

Remarks by
Lawrence Manaka
May 13, 2024

South Africa faces an escalating water crisis expected to worsen in the coming years. Amidst ongoing load shedding, water shedding looms as a new threat to citizens if water access issues are not addressed. RISE Mzansi Youth and Student Chapters emphasize the critical importance of water, asserting that while we can survive without electricity, we cannot live or grow without water. The group calls for new leaders who can ensure clean water and adequate sanitation, stressing that the current situation jeopardizes educational opportunities, with water shortages leading to school closures and students being deprived of their right to education.

A December 2023 report by the Department of Water and Sanitation highlights severe deficiencies in numerous water delivery systems, operating far below capacity. With only 12 out of 133 Water Services Authorities in good or excellent condition, and 40 in critical states, the impact is felt deeply by residents and students alike. In Zone 6 Sebokeng, residents report enduring four years of water shortages, with no water supply for the past four months, a situation exacerbated by the perceived neglect under the Emfuleni Local Municipality leadership. To combat these issues, RISE Mzansi advocates for a government that guarantees sufficient water for all, proper sanitation, and a robust water sector to provide quality service and job opportunities. Download the complete media statement release above.