RISE Mzansi’s new leaders are ready to serve to the people of South Africa

Remarks by
Cilna Steyn
June 6, 2024

Chief Justice Raymond Zondo has received the names of RISE Mzansi representatives who will take seats in the National Assembly and Gauteng Provincial Legislature. With the confidence of the South African people, National Leader Songezo Zibi (48) and Chief Organiser Makashule Gana (40) will represent RISE Mzansi in the National Assembly, while National Chairperson Vuyiswa Ramokgopa (38) will take a seat in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. These appointments adhere to the party's lists, overseen by the Independent Nominations Committee. RISE Mzansi is committed to bringing seriousness, optimism, and solutions to these legislative bodies.

In the coming weeks, RISE Mzansi will host Citizens’ Assemblies as part of the People’s Contract, allowing South Africans to voice their expectations for their representatives. The party emphasizes the importance of coalition arrangements that prioritize the well-being of the South African people and will oppose any coalition that undermines the Constitution and rule of law. As the National Assembly and Gauteng Provincial Legislatures elect Office Bearers, RISE Mzansi will support individuals committed to the Constitution and qualified for their roles. The party is also reaching out to centrist political parties to expand its influence and coverage. RISE Mzansi is dedicated to bringing positive change and advancing its vision of a safe, prosperous, equal, and united South Africa.

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