RISE People's Bulletin - South Africa is a human rights violation crime scene. We need new leaders.

Remarks by
Songezo Zibi
March 18, 2024

South Africa faces severe human rights violations and needs new leaders. Last week, RISE Mzansi participated in a community meeting in Alexandra, Sandton, revealing dire living conditions. The historic area is overcrowded and neglected, built by a government indifferent to residents' wellbeing. Current neglect and corruption offer little hope for improvement, with blocked sewage pipes endangering children and forcing multiple generations to live in cramped quarters.

Similar conditions are found in places like Mbekweni, Paarl, where makeshift homes on floodplains guarantee seasonal flooding. In Lusikisiki and Ngcobo, Eastern Cape, RISE's Chief Organiser witnessed alarming scenes of youth in distress due to unemployment and hunger, compounded by substance abuse.

On Human Rights Day, as political parties reflect in Sharpeville, RISE Mzansi calls for local spaces in Alexandra and Lusikisiki for sports and Ngcobo for theatre, enriching lives amid reflection. Voting for new leaders is crucial to end these violations and improve living conditions.

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