We need new leaders to care about single mothers

Remarks by
RISE Mzansi
April 3, 2024

RISE Mzansi is calling for new leadership that prioritizes support for single mothers in South Africa. Women, particularly single mothers, bear the heavy responsibility of sustaining families, often alone. This critical work, essential for the wellbeing of our nation's children, remains unseen and financially unrewarded, perpetuating cycles of poverty and insecurity.

RISE Mzansi has outlined five key political initiatives aimed at providing essential support to single mothers. These include raising the Personal Income Tax threshold for salaried single parents, introducing a tax relief scheme for those in the "missing middle," increasing the Child Support Grant to R1335 over the next two years, implementing universal Early Childhood Development (ECD) as a priority, and strengthening enforcement of maintenance orders.

These policies are part of RISE Mzansi's broader commitment to changing legal and social norms, empowering women, and ensuring that no mother and child in South Africa are consigned to poverty and hunger. To learn more, download the complete media statement release above.