TSOGA Gauteng Plan
RISE Mzansi’s Contract for a Safe, Prosperous, Equal and United Gauteng in One Generation

RISE Mzansi Commitment to Ethical, Inclusive, and Non-Racial Leadership in Gauteng

Gauteng is South Africa's most diverse province. Here, as nationally, divisive politics and increasing inequality have driven us apart. A RISE Mzansi provincial government will connect diverse communities through ethical, inclusive, and non-racial leadership.

As your candidates in Gauteng, we pledge to:

• Lead by example - with a team that has the highest ethical standards, and credibility and standing in our respective communities;

• Earn your trust - by taking accountability seriously, and reporting back frequently and comprehensively;

• Bring Gauteng together - by engaging all its residents, from civil society to the private sector, in the service of the public good and the renewal of the province. Tell your friends, family and community about us!

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