Why you should vote for RISE Mzansi and not the EFF
The EFF are in it for themselves and are led by old leaders recycled from the ANC. Their leaders are rude, divisive and have no desire to build a united South Africa.

The Problem

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The EFF are Corrupt

The EFF are in it for themselves. EFF leader Julius Malema and his deputy Floyd Shivambu have a long history of fraud, corruption and graft, while they pretend to be champions of the people. The EFF will be just like the ANC: dishonest and corrupt, and willing to use violence to get their way.

The EFF represent chaos and division

A vote for EFF is a vote for chaos and division. They want to break and smash things, rather than build. South Africa has endured too many years of chaos, violence and disorder. The EFF will only guarantee more chaos.

The EFF don’t have a plan

The EFF have no real plan. All they have is angry slogans and buzzwords. They just want to nationalise everything to give the state more resources that they can loot.

What A Better Future Looks Like

A thriving economy which creates jobs; safe communities free from crime; reliable public services- this is our vision of a prosperous, equitable South Africa under new leadership.

A Government with Integrity, Accountability and Good Values

New leaders will work for the people, not themselves. South Africa needs a government for and by the people. A government free from corruption, fraud and greed. 

Order and Stability

South Africa can only heal under a government that provides order, calmness and stability. It needs a government that unifies rather than divides, that promotes peace rather than violence, and that provides order where there is chaos.

A Government with a Plan

South Africa needs good governance underpinned by vision and competence to get out of its current mess. Most importantly, it needs a government with a real plan, with real, concrete policy proposals to improve South African lives. Driven by new leaders with real experience.



Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our concerned South Africans.
"We still have a lot work to do as a country and I would love to live in a society where the rights of every man, woman, and child are upheld and where everyone gets a chance to chase their dreams."
"Hospitals are struggling. People’s businesses are falling apart. The exchange rate is skyrocketing. Something needs to be done, and we are not angry enough. And we need to do more.”
"We’ve made many strides but still have a long way to go in fulfilling the hopes that live in our Freedom Charter. I hope that the next 25 years of freedom will see the upliftment of women and those who are underprivileged."
"You know, ANC, it is tough to defend you guys. We love and support you, but we just can’t anymore. But maybe they are correct. Let us go to the polls, and this time, we will vote with our heads and not our hearts because voting with our hearts causes many problems."
“I do not believe we are doing enough. Our government has not been able to keep the lights on for 16 years. Yes, it has been that long - 16 years of blatant incompetence, 16 years of treason for me. And they don't come across as being accountable at all. All they do is point fingers and blame people. People are literally dying because they cannot keep machines on that keep them alive.”
"While I can never take for granted the major steps that have been taken in order for us to have the opportunities available to us, the work is not complete. We are still facing a number of harsh realities: unemployment, poverty, femicide, depression, sanitation, education and substance abuse, all of which continue to steal from the potential of South Africa’s youth.”

Our Policy Convention Discussion Document on Economy

The document presents a comprehensive vision for the South African economy, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive, competitive, and sustainable economy that benefits all South Africans
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