Why you should vote RISE Mzansi and not ActionSA
 ActionSA is too focused on simple solutions to complex problems. They focus too much on the wrong problems facing our country, like blaming immigrants rather than our ANC-led government.
And ActionSA don’t have a successful track record when in government. They have failed to keep stable coalitions and provide the leadership South Africans need. 

The Problem

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ActionSA have not been effective when in power

In 2022, the multi-party coalition governing Johannesburg which included ActionSA broke down, because ActionSA couldn’t agree over who should be speaker in the Johannesburg council. This shows the ActionSA is not a reliable coalition partner and is more focused on politics than South Africans.

ActionSA is a Vote for the DA

ActionSA is allowing itself to be swallowed by the Multi-Party Charter- which is the political alliance of the DA. A vote for ActionSA is just a vote for the Da. 

 ActionSA puts profits and politics before people

ActionSA supports profits before people. It is too focused on growing big business without making sure all South Africans are lifted up by economic growth. ActionSA is also power hungry- they grew fast by swallowing ex-DA members into their structures, without checking if they align with the parties values. 

What A Better Future Looks Like

A thriving economy which creates jobs; safe communities free from crime; reliable public services- this is our vision of a prosperous, equitable South Africa under new leadership.

Socially Responsible and Unifying Leadership

A better future would look like a South African government that focuses on addressing South Africa’s most pressing problems, rather than political power games. A government that refuses to blame certain groups of people for South Africa’s problems, and uses its voice responsibly to unite rather than divide.

A Government that Exists to Govern, Not to Oppose

A better future would look like a government that exists to govern, rather than to oppose others. This is what the Multi-Party Charter represents: it is based solely on removing the ANC and keeping the EFF from national power. Rather than forming itself only around opposing the ANC, Rise Mzansi is focused on developing substantive alternative politics and policies.

Growth that Lifts the Many, Not the Few

A better future would look like a government that provides a safety net for the most disadvantaged South Africans, and that builds growth while ensuring all South Africans benefit from economic growth.



Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some of our concerned South Africans.
"We still have a lot work to do as a country and I would love to live in a society where the rights of every man, woman, and child are upheld and where everyone gets a chance to chase their dreams."
"Hospitals are struggling. People’s businesses are falling apart. The exchange rate is skyrocketing. Something needs to be done, and we are not angry enough. And we need to do more.”
"We’ve made many strides but still have a long way to go in fulfilling the hopes that live in our Freedom Charter. I hope that the next 25 years of freedom will see the upliftment of women and those who are underprivileged."
"You know, ANC, it is tough to defend you guys. We love and support you, but we just can’t anymore. But maybe they are correct. Let us go to the polls, and this time, we will vote with our heads and not our hearts because voting with our hearts causes many problems."
“I do not believe we are doing enough. Our government has not been able to keep the lights on for 16 years. Yes, it has been that long - 16 years of blatant incompetence, 16 years of treason for me. And they don't come across as being accountable at all. All they do is point fingers and blame people. People are literally dying because they cannot keep machines on that keep them alive.”
"While I can never take for granted the major steps that have been taken in order for us to have the opportunities available to us, the work is not complete. We are still facing a number of harsh realities: unemployment, poverty, femicide, depression, sanitation, education and substance abuse, all of which continue to steal from the potential of South Africa’s youth.”

Our Policy Convention Discussion Document on Economy

The document presents a comprehensive vision for the South African economy, emphasizing the need for a more inclusive, competitive, and sustainable economy that benefits all South Africans.
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