Nonkululeko Mbalu
Governance, Risk & Secretariat
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I’m Soweto born and raised, with a background in Law. I spent my corporate career in the financial services sector – mostly within the Risk Management environment. I’m by no means a “political animal”, but joining RISE Mzansi was in response to an ever-louder internal call to do something ; it was no longer enough to lament the state of things.

I believe that “freedom” is journey – not a destination – and as such, that each generation owes the next a duty of care; constantly assessing and recalibrating and giving our best along the way to “better” until we proudly hand over the baton.

Favourite Quote:

“We’re not politicians. We’re people who care.” ~ Itumeleng Monametsi

Contributor's articles
Sunday, May 19, 2024

Ingane Ingunina : Homeage to single mothers

Single motherhood's challenges in South Africa underscore the need for societal support and recognition of their resilience.