RISE Mzansi launches Citizens’ Assembly series, making a practice of public participation

RISE Mzansi launches Citizens’ Assembly series in Johannesburg, promoting participatory politics and addressing major issues facing South Africans.
Published on
May 19, 2024

Empowering Communities Through Participatory Politics

On Friday 5 April 2024, RISE Mzansi launched its first Citizens’ Assembly themed “Rising Up for Single Mothers” in Johannesburg. It was a successful inauguration of a series that upholds a cornerstone of RISE’s philosophy, which is participatory politics.

Weekly Engagement for Change: The Purpose of Citizens' Assemblies

The Citizens’ Assemblies will be a weekly series, hosted by Mark Heywood, that aims to create awareness and engagement with RISE Mzansi’s thematic focus statements in each week leading up to the election.

Building on South Africa's Political Legacy

The ideas behind hosting Assemblies is one rooted in South Africa’s rich political history. Citizens’ Assemblies have always been part of South African political life, from the lekgotla onwards.

Empowering Voices: The Structure of the Assemblies

At each Assembly, there is a range of panel speakers who comprise of experts as well as people speaking to their own lived experiences and familiarities with the topic.

Shaping the Agenda: Topics for Future Assemblies

The topics for future Assemblies are carefully selected based on RISE Mzansi’s community engagements and identification of the major issues facing South Africans.

Open Invitation: Join the Movement

The invite to attend future Assemblies, whether it be physically or virtually, is open to all. Let’s be a part of shaping the South Africa we deserve.

Get Involved
Let's rise together for a safer, prosperous, equal, and united South Africa.
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