We need new leaders who will build the South Africa we all deserve

Remarks by
Songezo Zibi
March 11, 2024

At RISE Mzansi, we typically focus on positive, solutions-oriented messages for South Africans. However, today we need to address a critical issue: the urgent need for new leadership in South Africa, particularly within the ANC. Despite widespread public concern, the ANC has chosen to include 97 individuals tainted by corruption on their election lists, with only three facing criminal charges omitted. These figures are set to return to government roles, overseeing public funds without accountability for their previous mismanagement.

The consequences of this mismanagement are dire. Funds intended for vital infrastructure were either squandered or stolen, resulting in crippling debt servicing costs that now exceed R32 billion per month. Meanwhile, essential services like water and electricity remain unreliable, even in affluent areas like Johannesburg's northern suburbs. This situation reflects what former President Kgalema Motlanthe termed "Guptarism," where private interests collude with government officials for personal gain.

This is why we insist on the urgent need for new leadership. To support our cause, we're proud to announce Axolile Notywala as our Premier Candidate for the Western Cape, a leader committed to transparency and social justice. Together, we can drive real change in South Africa. Download the complete media statement release above to learn more.